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It gives us proud to mention that, Integrated solution system was launched from Kuwait, producing the best specialized software in the Middle East, taking the advantage of frequent following up to the world latest technology, thanks to confidence given by our customers since 2001 that made our company the most distinct ever and considered a catalyst for our company to move forward towards achieving more innovation and development.

We believe that innovation is the essence of creativity in company lifetime and history because it represents a key point, and the most important, is our products scientific formula.

We believe in team work, qualitative work and strategic thinking. We believe that the development process has no end, so we are committed to provide our customers with the latest and most helpful technology in software world.

Another key point to be mentioned, that any company’s success and its fortune is mainly based on its human cadre. According to this principle, the company pursues the policy of human investment in its employees by attracting and appointing qualified professionals who have the ability to compete and adhere to the standards of efficiency and work ethics.

Ocean Soft has issued a specialized set of to give managers the highest degree of accurate control over all transactions within their work on one hand and to provide them with innovative set of detailed reports for giving further possibility of taking appropriate decisions anywhere, at any time on the other hand. Where, the client has the ability to run the program through the internet for reviewing reports using laptop, iPad & iPhone.


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What we do for you

  • Custom Solutions Development
  • Native mobile apps development for iOS & Android platforms
  • Access Control Systems Installation
  • E-commerce Systems Design, Development and Implementation


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